The Library

The Crow Children Will Teach You To Fly

The one where everybody drowns.

The Distant Sound Of Hammers

The one about the noise!

Touch Yourself Again And I’ll Kill Ya

The one about masturbating too much.

The Daffodil Delirium

The one where the sky sounds yellow.

The Hybrid Hive

The one about the bees and murder.

Some Secrets Refuse To Stay Sunk

The one on the lake.

Please Help! Our Daughter Has Been Missing For Three Weeks!

The one where he asks for help to find Peony.

Clinical Trial

The one where you learn to face your fears.

Today’s The Day The Sun Explodes

The one where he watches the sun explode.

Dinner With Dates Online

The one where he falls in love.

Midnight Dog-walking is Dangerous

The one where he walks–then runs–the dog.

…She Was Schizophrenic

The one where he tells about his mother.

The Nightmare Man

The one where he meets someone unfriendly in his sleep.

I Enjoy Watching The Neighbors

The one where the neighbors get watched.

Did Anyone Else See This Ad?

The one where he finds a “legitimate” job posting.

The Purpose

The one where he finds he has nothing to do with his time.

Come To Stay

The one where everything seems backwards to him


The one where he tells a first date about a weight loss journey.

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