Exciting Developments

I received two pieces of very exciting news today. Both tidbits were big deals to me and exciting to me. That’s all that matters, really. I know not many people follow this blog but I’m looking to work on that.

My partner Daniel Clark and I begin an outline for a new story today. I normally don’t write them this long because I lose interest easily, but we are excited about the progression. It will be in four parts, the first drop of the first part is only half written and I already have 1500 words…. So if they all wind up being this involved, we are looking at over 12,000… Basically about 10 times longer than any story I usually sit down to try to write.

After we have edited the first draft I should be able to post the first part of the story this week.

Typically this is not how I write anything. Most of my short stories or flash fiction have been based on one sentence that I thought and then I just started typing. Usually I go back and refine the idea but I typically only spend a couple hours on each story so I’m kind of excited to build some really solid characterizations and explain to you all this idea that it’s in my head.

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