UPCOMING: “Some Secrets Refuse To Stay Sunk”

I saw an interesting idea for a contest on r/NoSleepOOC this past weekend…

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I was recently looking over some stories at r/twosentencehorror and it got me thinking about a little challenge, if anyone is up for it.

Each participant chooses a two sentence story to take and elaborate on. The only rule being that it must follow the general storyline of the story which is very, very broad.

No writers can choose the same story, so if you’re up for it, comment the story you’ll take down below. On Friday the 11th May we are all to upload our stories, winner is the one with the most upvotes.
Your story must be more than 500 and less than 1,000 words.

I’ll go first with:
“There’s no such thing as ghosts,” my father assured me.
Sick of arguing with him, I closed my eyes until he vanished.

Let me know if you’re up for it!

I thought it was a really fun idea, so I asked for permission from the author of the two sentences on r/twosentencehorror that I liked most that evening. Thank you, u/Tensevictory for your help.

Original Post

I skipped a stone over the lake and froze with fear. A bloated, rotted hand had reached out of the water and caught it.

I’ve actually used this subreddit for inspiration before–never lifting ideas, more looking to spark some–certainly never outright copying things into my work.

This was actually kind of hard. I wrote and shelved two ideas out before finally settling in on the right one and being pleased with the result, which has been trimmed, preened and honed down to exactly 1,000 words.

I wanted to share this because it was fun and a blog was also a good way to keep following all of the referenced posts that I can’t seem to keep track of. Hope everyone else had fun as well and I can’t wait to post the rest of this story this weekend…

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